SleepingBaby Zippy Swaddle – Baby Swaddle Blanket with Bottom Zipper Cozy Baby Swaddle Wrap and Baby Sleep Sack



100% Cotton COZY BABY WRAP: Our comfortable Zippy Swaddle swaddle sack acts as a wearable burrito blanket that not only keeps your baby warm and cozy, but acts as a swaddle transition until your newborn is big enough to use our zippadee zip sleeper. The unique design provides the comforting, enclosed feeling of the swaddle but without limiting your baby??s full leg range of motion. Our zippity zip sleeper is intended to be used during naps and bedtime in a safe sleep environment. COMFY BABY SWADDLE BLANKETS: Our Zippy sack is made from 100% cotton that is comfortable to wear year-round. Our swaddling blankets are ideal for nurseries with a room temperature between 74-76 degree Fahrenheit. All our baby swaddlers are only intended to be used as a baby blanket or swaddle pod for sleeping and should not be worn for running or walking. Easy to care for, wash inside out and tumble dry low. No air drying or dry cleaning required. EASY TO USE: Unlike muslin swaddle blankets or other complicated baby wraps, our zippy swaddle wrap are easy to use. Snugly fold and tuck your baby’ into the wrap with the included waist straps and arm wraps. Simply place your baby in the zippy and wrap your baby up. A Bottom zipper makes it easy to change your baby’s diaper without undoing the wrap. Super easy! Our Zippy Swaddle is a new product based on our globally recognized shark tank product Zipadee-Zip, as seen on ABC??s Shark Tank! SAFE BABY SWADDLE SACK: Our Zippy swaddle me pod eliminates the need for loose baby blankets in your crib. Our newborn swaddle wrap is essential for every baby in every nursery. Not only does the Zippy Swaddle keep your baby safe and cozy, it also helps your baby sleep better and wake up less often. We designed our swaddlers newborn pods using breathable material to ensure your baby stays safe and snug. BABY BOY & BABY GIRL GIFTS: If you are looking for baby boy swaddle blanket, baby girl swaddle blankets, baby boy gifts, baby gifts for newborn girls, baby girl shower gifts, or baby accessories or ideas for a baby registry, our SleepingBaby Zippy Swaddle is what you have been looking for! Our Zippy comes in different designs for both boy and girl. We also have gender neutral designs. new moms will love this!?See more product details


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