Muslin Swaddle Blanket Sets ‘Adventurer’ and Nursing Pillow Cover – Arrow Bundle



COZY- Our baby swaddle blankets are made of baby-safe, lightweight cotton muslin cloth to keep your newborn perfectly wrapped, cozy, and sleeping peacefully. COMFORT- Unlike other muslin swaddle blankets out there, our blankets are an extra large 47 x 47 to ensure all babies can be wrapped comfortably, without the use of velcro, zippers, or other abrasive materials. PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK. You??ve made the best decision to provide a clean and comfortable surface for your baby??s head with our super-soft minky nursing pillow covers (unlike those scratchy cotton alternatives). REST EASY. Our Hideaway Zipper is tucked out of sight so your baby will never have access to it. That means your baby??s soft cheeks will stay sweet, smooth, and unharmed regardless of what side of their nursing pillow they lay on during nursing or tummy time. THIS POPULAR PRODUCT BUNDLE from Kids N’ Such is perfect for any mother looking for an adorable matching set for their breastfeeding experience.?See more product details


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