Multi Functional Essential Receiving Baby Blanket Mom Approved Silky Soft



CRAFTED FROM ORGANIC COTTON: We use the very best materials and fabrics, organic cotton is the perfect gentle touch on your baby’s sensitive skin and as a renewable resource whose growth and cultivation is kind toward our planet’s environment. PERFECTLY SIZED FOR THEM: At 30 x 30 the most splendid size is a dream for any parent wanting to snuggle with their little one. Truly unisex, we??ve made it ideal for your boy or girl. COMBED FINISHED INCREDIBLE SOFTNESS: Our most popular is quickly becoming our signature fabric, durable and non-irritating with exceptional quality and efficiently packaged. MADE FOR DAILY USE: A new Mom’s lifesaver, our lightweight and highly functional receiving blanket can be handy for just about any early infancy tasks or simply become a their most comfortable security blankly. IDEAL BABY SHOWER GIFT: Whether it??s for yourself or a special someone our lovely sets are sure to become an instant classic favorite for any new parent.


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