100% Cotton Wearable Blanket Baby Sleep Bag Blue Bunnies 2 Pack


100% Cotton Loose blankets pose the risk of covering baby??s face and inhibiting their ability to breathe so we created wearable blankets as a safe and cozy bedtime alternative to prevent this potential safety hazard in baby??s sleep space. We designed our comfortable and lightweight, sleeveless sleeping bag to keep your little boy warm and cozy while also reducing the risk of baby overheating. Our sleep solution helps to promote a longer, more sound night??s sleep while ensuring the safety of your precious baby. This convenient two-pack features a classic solid blue sleep bag paired with a modern and playful blue bunnies design set on white, interlock knit cotton. Adorably presented in a compact, gift-ready package, Ely??s Sleep Bag is Suitable for Babies from: 6 ?C 12 Months, 17 ?C 22 lbs., 27??-29??


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